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Leveling the playing field of public discourse.

A photo of a purple and black box of flashcards that says EYE TO EYE FLASHCARDS GENDER & SEX EDITION. The box has hand-drawn eyes looking out at the viewer, and it sits on top of another box of flashcards that lies flat, showing the same eyes on the spine of the box.

What‘s the concept?

EYE TO EYE Flashcards is an intersectional learning tool and a means of public engagement that seeks to level the playing field of public discourse and invite everyone into the conversations that matter most in our society.

What‘s in the box?

Mind-blowing concepts from some of our greatest thinkers broken down into words that everyday people who don't have PhDs can understand.


Get the gist!


Each deck includes 50 flashcards with academic quotes, lay-speech translations, and engagement questions, as well as a suggested uses page, and a list of full citations.

A photo of a bunch of purple and black boxes of flashcards that say EYE TO EYE FLASHCARDS PhD in a Box! Get the Gist. The box has hand-drawn eyes looking out at the viewer, and it sits on top of several other boxes of flashcards that lie flat, showing the same eyes on the spines of the boxes.
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For starting conversations, studying, or holding your own EYE TO EYE live audience event.

A photo of Noël Jones: Creator of EYE TO EYE Flashcards. She's sitting in a green velvet chair, wearing a black jacket, smiling and holding a coffee cup.

Who made it?

Noël Jones, a slinger and slayer of lingo, is a learning experience designer and interpretation specialist, who designed the Gender & Sex Edition as part of her masters program in New Arts Journalism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, while working in Learning and Public Engagement at the Art Institute of Chicago.


EYE TO EYE Flashcards evolved from an assignment for a class called Publishing As A Creative Practice, and her research set her on fire to find new ways to break down the barriers of exclusive language and engage as many people as possible in the conversations that matter most in our society.

She's grateful for the support of her professors and cohort, as well as friends, family, museum colleagues, and investors in the EYE TO EYE Kickstarter page that funded the project. Jones is currently researching future topics for the series.


Future topics: The Economy, Media Literacy, Sustainability

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We couldn't have done it without your support. Many thanks to all who supported this project — watch the original Kickstarter video!

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